11 Best Party Cities in Spain for a Boys’ Night Out

A boy trip to Spain? Say no more! Planning such an adventure still requires research so you can spot the right city beyond the commercial destinations. Each Spanish city has something special to offer, but in general, they’re all full of vibrant nightlife scenes, musical performances, or beachside gigs. So, how do you spot the right city to hold your boy’s party in?

From booking the right hotel to hiring a girl from Milescorts, you can have a pretty extended experience based on the type of party you prefer. Make sure the city you choose meets all your standards and requirements

Lucky for you, we have a list of the most anticipated ones, so you can start with some of these or extend your research to match your preferences.

1. Ibiza

Source: ibiza-spotlight.com

Ibiza is the undisputed king of nightlife. It’s a Balearic Island, so you’ll have to think about the logistics details too. There are many popular nightclubs and beach parties that last until the morning.

You can spend quality time swimming through the day or exploring the local cuisine. Even though it seems like an all-day-all-night party, you can still have some intimate experiences in Ibiza, too. There are many hidden gems that provide chill vibes.

But in general, if you want to party hard and sleep through most of the day – Ibiza may be the answer.

2. Barcelona

You can’t say you’ve been to Spain if you don’t visit Barcelona. It’s a cosmopolitan city with a fiesta twist that offers a little bit of something for everyone.

From street parties to musical performances to rooftop bars and hidden corners, you can plan each day and fill it up with different activities.

Even if you’re more about daily adventures, make sure you don’t miss the beaches, tapas, Gaudi’s cathedral, or just have a walk at La Rambla!

3. Madrid

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The capital of Spain is, as you expect, rich in nightlife. There are so many bars and restaurants, as well as nightclubs and cocktail bars. For guys who want a calmer experience, you can spend a movie night at the cinema.

The best thing is the food! You can find beautiful restaurants and bars to have some snacks or eat pretty well.

In Madrid, the parties start pretty late, like after midnight, so be prepared to switch your early waking habits for a few days. Maybe it’s too much to ask, but it’s worth it!

4. Donostia-San Sebastian

San Sebastian is a mix of exclusivity and casualty. You can find Michelin-star restaurants but also street food. Accommodation varies from exclusive hotels to private rentals.

For the parties, make sure you visit some beach club. You’ll be able to enjoy custom handcrafted cocktails. It’s a perfect way to spend a guy’s weekend there, especially if you want to avoid the crowds that are so typical for Barcelona and Madrid.

5. Valencia

Source: getyourguide.com

Valencia is another beach place with beautiful bars and clubs along the bay. We suggest checking on the El Carmen district for the most authentic local experience. Also, you can rent a yacht and look at the city from the sea.

Valencia’s nightlife is here to serve various tastes and preferences. The iconic clubs, hidden corners, and exceptional local experiences can make your boy’s weekend unforgettable.

6. Benidorm

Benidorm is, as many say, the non-stop party capital of Spain. The city never sleeps, and the party lasts till dawn. It’s famous for its clubs, dance scenes, cocktail bars, and great food.

There, you can party from the moment you wake up until the next day. Whoever makes the last call wins the game.

One of the reasons to choose Benidorm is its affordability. Compared to the commercial Spanish destinations, the prices here are relatively affordable, making it a perfect choice for those traveling on a budget.

7. Granada

Source: expertvagabond.com

Granada is perfect for those enjoying historical wonders. Also, the city offers student nightlife, so if you’re pretty young and on a budget, consider Granada as one of the options for having a great time in Spain.

The streets are full of beautiful bars and pubs. Don’t miss the opportunity to sip cocktails with a view of the majestic Alhambra after exploring its daytime beauty.

8. Seville

Seville is a combination of modern and historical spirit, with authentic local charms that satisfy all your senses.

If you’re into local charm and want to avoid the big city vibes, Seville can be the ultimate decision for your boy party weekend in Spain.

9. Santiago de Compostela

Source: turismo.gal

Another popular destination for international student gatherings. You can find traditional bars but also globally-inspired pubs to have a drink and snack.

We recommend trying the local cuisine so you can authentically enjoy the Santiago de Compostela local culture. Start your evening with fresh seafood tapas before finding the best local club to dance the night away at.

10. Malaga

Malaga is truly an Andalusian gem with trendy nightlife near a port area. With so many open-air terraces and rooftop bars, you can dance under the sky and enjoy the surroundings this beautiful city offers.

No matter if you love theater, local music performances, or great food, Malaga can be your perfect destination to have fun all night.

11. Salou

Source: eggandbacon.co.uk

Salou is more like a beach place, but you can surely find many bars, pubs, and clubs around. Surely, you can enjoy plenty of daytime activities, especially if you’re more about beach experiences.

Additionally, explore the historical sites to perfectly understand authentic Spanish history, especially if you need a break from the parties.


As you can see, this list covers each city in Spain. It shows you that no matter what city you choose, you’ll have an exceptional experience with the boys.

Depending on whether you want to party heavily or combine the stay with some calmer activities, each city we mentioned can provide the experience you’re expecting. So, check this list over and over again, compare the cities, consider your budget, and make sure you book every activity in advance.

With these tips and our city picks, your Spanish boys’ night out is guaranteed to be unforgettable!