Building Meaningful Relationships in the Digital Age

In this day and age, we’ve heard all about how this is the most connected we have ever been to other people. After all, we can now easily call loved ones who live on the other side of the world. We’re even able to see them via video calls as long as we have an internet connection.

Alas, all these digital possibilities have also made it harder to forge true connections with people. So, if you’re someone who struggles with just that, keep reading as we’ll address this along with providing you with some tips to help you out.

Building Genuine Relationships Online

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The world we live in seems to be dominated by screens, where we work on a medium-sized screen, enjoy entertainment on a larger one, and take breaks by scrolling through a smaller screen. While this isn’t bad per se, and in moderation it can be a great addition to your quality of life, this can also mean that we sometimes don’t stop to properly make a connection with another person.

However, you can leverage your online presence to bond with others by assessing what your favourite digital hobbies are. For instance, if you typically visit digital casinos to play online blackjack, then this could be a great way to bond with someone else. You can peruse the platform of choice and use the chat feature to connect with other players whilst playing.

This connection can then lead to real-life friendships, or at the very least lead you to a community of like-minded individuals. Friendships that are made online can at times be equally, if not more, valuable than the ones you make in real life. But this can only be achieved when you go for quality versus quantity. Shallow connections are easily made and can fulfil your social needs, but in the long run, nurturing more meaningful ones is more important.

If feasible, it would also be wise to try and meet the people face-to-face. Of course, we’d also recommend doing this with the utmost caution and taking all the necessary precautions. As an example, you can first have a video call with them to confirm their identity and meet in a public space during the day, such as a café. And don’t forget to inform your loved ones about this potential meetup.

Overcoming Potential Challenges

Relationships in the Digital Age


Just like you would create boundaries with the people around you, you should do the same when you’re online. It’s very easy to overshare or let others do that when you’re divided by a screen, alas, this can create issues for you. Thus, before you start building a foundation with someone, make sure you establish and respect one another’s limits.

Moreover, in the online space, it is all too easy to adopt a whole new persona and even go as far as lying, which you can read more about on Deseret News. Alas, this won’t help with building genuine relationships with people. As such, being truly yourself, with all the quirks that make you you is crucial along with honest communication. You want to ensure you surround yourself with people who actually know who you are, and they will return in kind.

Even when it comes to people you can easily see at any time, we tend to opt for online conversations due to the convenience it offers. However, this can easily feel more superficial, as it often comes in the form of sharing funny videos, liking a post, or reacting to a message with just an emoji or gif. In this case, you should go out of your way to schedule regular meetups, or even video calls, that will lead to a deeper connection.

If you struggle to find the time to proceed with more offline interactions, we’d recommend combining a task with some quality time. For instance, schedule a grocery shop on the same day, and perhaps try to slot in brunch beforehand. Alternatively, you could try and parallel play, or engage in something more physical, such as going on a run together.

Why We Need Meaningful Connections

Humans are social creatures, thus bonding with others is a basic need we all share, according to the Social Creatures. Meaningful connections can provide you with a myriad of benefits, such as support during times of struggle. Just one simple conversation with a loved one, even digitally, can improve your mood substantially, or at the very least provide you with a much-needed distraction from it.

And for those times when you experience something incredible, there’s nothing quite like sharing the news with the people in your life. Sometimes, you may not even realise how good you have it until you see the reactions of those who care about you. In addition, friendships can provide you with a safe space to share any insecurities you may have. And, they can at times even help you dismiss them, by providing valuable input.

In the cases where what you’re feeling is valid, that sense of understanding can help you grow beyond your current concerns and make you stronger. Processing such things by yourself is a valuable skill you should learn how to do, however, it is not the only or most efficient way. Having a different point of view can grant you some much-needed perspective or inspiration on how you can overcome whatever you’re feeling.

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Digital connections don’t have to replace real-life ones, instead, they can be a wonderful addition to your life. From ensuring you keep a connection going, even when one of you moves to a different area, to expanding your friendship group by meeting more people online – there are a myriad of ways that you can leverage modern-day technology to create meaningful relationships.

While there are most certainly plenty of challenges along the way, as they say, when there is a will, there is a way. All the time and effort spent overcoming them will only further strengthen any bond you have with that other person. And, after all, what is life without someone to share it with, be it platonically or romantically?