Free Spins Frenzy: How to Score Big on Casino Slot Machines

Free spins are one of the keys to success in slot machines. Why? It is because you get to spin the reels without using money on them. Despite not placing bets, you could win the same prize as if you placed wagers on all lines. Usually, players get these casino rewards by using promo codes, like the hitnspin promo code.

So, how can you take advantage of this? In this article, we will show you how to get these bonuses in different ways. After reading, we are hoping you’d implement these strategies to get more freespins, and as a result, you get more chances of winning.


What Are Free Spins?

To play a slot machine, you need to spin the reels. The thing is that each spin costs money. In addition to that, you must wager on several lines. Preferably, you wager on all lines. So, if a slot machine has 25 lines and the maximum cost of bet per line is $1, you must wager $25 on each spin.

Free spins refer to spins you get through bonuses where you could spin the reels, but not wager money from your bankroll. The slot machine would “treat” each spin as if you placed a bet. If the spins generate wins, these prizes get credited to your casino account.

From here, you can withdraw the money to your bank account once you are done playing. You can now essentially convert the prizes into real cash.

There are two main sources of freespins:

  • In-game bonuses.
  • Casino Bonuses.

We will discuss these two types of these casino rewards in the next sections.


In-Game Free Spins

In-game freespins are the ones you get awarded if you trigger them. Most of the time, you need to land scatter symbols to win free spin bonuses.

Here is the typical setup in slot machines to win freespins bonuses: 

  • You spin the reels.
  • You land at least three scatter symbols anywhere on the grid.
  • You get awarded free spins.

The number of spins you win varies among slot machines. You could win five, ten, or even 20 FS. In addition, many slot machines also pay coins if you land at least three of them in one spin.

During the free spins round, the slot will wager the same amount of money on each spin. Note that the slot, however, will not take money from your balance. These spins are free.

Because of this, it is best to wager the biggest you can afford on every spin. You will never know when you will successfully trigger the freespins bonus. If you do, you could win more money if you wagered the biggest amount before triggering the free spins.

Some slots add more excitement to this in-game freespins bonus. They offer different kinds of wild symbols and other features that only exist in the freespins round, making it easier to land winning combinations.

Here are some examples of the most common features of free spins:

  • Sticky wild – any wild symbol that lands on the grid stays in its position until the bonus round is over.
  • Walking wild – the wild will move sideways at every spin, putting it in a different position; this can increase your chances of landing a winning combination.
  • Multipliers – random multipliers would land on the grid, and these numbers will be applied to winning combos that use the multiplier symbol.

As you can see, the slot machines do not only spin the reels for free, but you also get to win more money because of the features included in the free spins.The Significance of Free Spins in Slot Machines

Free spins hold a pivotal role in the world of slot machines, offering players the chance to spin the reels without depleting their bankrolls. These valuable bonus rounds can be a game-changer, as they allow you to accumulate winnings without placing bets. Unlike standard spins, where each spin costs money, free spins provide a cost-free opportunity to win real prizes. This can significantly enhance your odds of walking away from the slot machine with a substantial profit.


Sources of Free Spins

Free spins can be obtained through two primary sources: in-game bonuses and casino bonuses. In-game free spins are triggered during gameplay when specific conditions are met, typically by landing a designated number of scatter symbols. On the other hand, casino bonuses provide a predetermined number of free spins as part of promotional offers or welcome packages when you register at an online casino. Each source has its own set of rules and requirements that players must adhere to in order to maximize their benefits.


Casino Bonus Free Spins

The bonus refers to the number of free spins that casinos give you when you register. For example, a casino may give you 100 FS in some particular slots, and all you have to do is register.

Usually, this type of free spin is part of the welcome bonus or package that the casino offers to new players. The number of spins you get depends on the casino.

In this type of free spin, there are certain rules and requirements you must follow, like the wagering requirement. If you break these rules, the casino reserves the right to forfeit your bonus money and its winnings.

People seem to undermine the power of freespins. They do not realize that the freespins bonus is far better than the wild symbol. A wild symbol can only give you one or two wins, and then it typically disappears.

A free spins bonus, however, could grant you something like 20 FS. Just imagine this — you have 20 chances to win without betting a single penny. Now that you know how freespins work and how to get more of them, make your move and grab them now!