Planning a Corporate Event: Creative Ideas to Surprise Your Guests

Businesses are the ones who make the image for themselves. They are the creators of collaborations, of excellent relationships, but above all, they are the creators of opportunities, and for all of this, occasional gatherings and events should be held, such as corporate events, which are mostly attended by employees, but also company associates.

Corporate events are the most interesting and demanding concept of parties that need to be planned and organized by a company. They often conjure images of stale conference halls, lukewarm coffee, and networking conversations drier than the Sahara, but in recent years corporate events are something completely different and they have that touch of fun that even the most serious business people enjoy. In this dog-eat-dog business world, standing out from the crowd and leaving a lasting impression can be the difference between securing loyalty and watching potential clients stroll past.

It is precisely for these reasons that we mentioned above that companies are looking for different ways to invite guests to a great gathering, an informal meeting, and an acquaintance that will be enjoyed by all. So, how do you inject some genuine excitement into your next corporate event? Let’s unleash our inner event mastermind and cook up some ideas that will leave your guests gasping for more, that is, an event that will be retold for a long time as one of the most successful events. Let’s get started!


Give the entire event a concept and theme to give it soul

Ditch the generic “gala” or “networking lunch” labels – these are bad labels that give the event a bad flow and result from the very start. Instead, weave a unique theme that reflects your brand or event purpose. Want to launch a new product? Want to provide a different and greater value to event visitors? Welcome all the guests with a red carpet, make it look like the Oscars but add a different edge by implementing fun elements like Glambot robot to entertain the attendees and spread the event through social media videos. Add a champagne welcome that will follow the shooting with this camera, a welcome from the top of the company, and similar elements that will make the event different, but above all will raise it to a higher level.

Create an experience and a memory that they will retell with pleasure!

Food and drink are event staples but don’t limit yourself to the usual buffet fare. This part is already outdated and is characteristic of those events from 10-15 years ago when it was known that the events would include static catering and a bar with drinks. Surprise your guests with interactive food stations featuring regional cuisines or quirky culinary trends, and you can also arrange for them small but symbolic culinary shows in which the food will be prepared. Hire a mixologist to craft bespoke cocktails inspired by your theme or event goals. Let your guests unleash their inner artist with a live chocolate-painting station or a DIY sushi-rolling activity. These are activities that will make them feel different, and create memories and a positive experience that they will talk about for days.


Give the corporate event a technological and futuristic look

Technology can be your secret weapon for wowing your guests, but also a secret tool for better implementation of the event, taking it to a higher level. Forget PowerPoint presentations projected onto a grainy screen – this is something left over from previous decades. Instead, utilize virtual reality to transport participants to different locations relevant to your event or use some other technological advancement that can bring a similar experience to your corporate event. Drones equipped with LED lights can even paint dazzling light shows in the night sky, leaving everyone with an unforgettable spectacle. Sounds great doesn’t it? Start today to create a plan in which you will include interesting ideas and forget about PowerPoint presentations that will only make the guests leave earlier.

Bring the event’s happenings into motion!

Don’t aim for the sterile event that was typical to organize in 2007 – it’s not trendy and not at all engaging for attendees. Move beyond awkward mingling sessions and introduce interactive activities that break the ice and get people moving. Think outside the box! Do something different and add value to the corporate event! A company retreat could involve a high-ropes course or a kayaking adventure. A client meeting might be livened up with a competitive escape room experience. For a team-building exercise, try a human foosball tournament or a collaborative art project. These are just some of the ideas and activities that can be found in your plan to create a successful company event. Look at other ideas and give the event movement, give it better happenings that will be great word-of-mouth marketing.


Creating a story has an unmatched power!

Events are stories waiting to be told. These are stories that are worked on by a team of professionals who then tell the story itself to their guests at the event. Weave a narrative throughout your event, from the invitations to the closing remarks, and let even the activities involved tell part of it. Create a whole fairy tale of delights! Highlight the impact of your work, showcase employee success stories, or feature testimonials from satisfied clients. Is there anything better than creating an idyllic event flow where you talk about the company while guests still enjoy the activities offered at the event? There is nothing better! So enjoy creating an event that offers seemingly interesting activities that will be engaging, but still tell the story of your company.


A successful event is not made with outdated ideas! A successful event of a corporate character can only be done if guests are given a different value, they are welcomed with a red carpet and welcome activity, and interesting thematic tasks or sessions, presentations, etc. are arranged for them. In a few words – create a treat that will complete the task of the event, but also bring great words about the company.