Top 11 Celebrities Who Visit Casinos

Casinos are entertainment hubs that everyone is likely to visit regardless of their social status. Did you know you could bump into your favorite celebrity at the casino? Picture yourself in front of a slot machine enjoying the table game, and your opponent or another player on the next table is a familiar face you have seen or heard of in the limelight.

Personalities Who Delight in Gaming Clubs

Casinos are fun as you unwind playing a game, two or more, with the possibility of bagging millions. Many celebrities spend their leisure time at top lobbies like GG Bet Casino for entertainment and playing casino games.

It is intriguing that some of the most renowned personalities spend time playing and gambling at casinos. From Hollywood stars to professionals, actors, and actresses, it shouldn’t surprise you to meet a celeb at a lobby. Let’s look at individuals you could get in established casinos.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo Dicaprio is a gifted Hollywood actor with notable appearances in top films like Once Upon a Time, Catch Me If You Can, Titanic, and The Great Gatsby. He has been spotted in luxurious casinos in Monaco and Vegas and has an interest in poker, Baccarat and other table games.

2. Ben Affleck

You might know Ben Affleck as Batman. Affleck, a top Hollywood actor with a notable career in films like Clerks, The Town, and Good Will Hunting is an avid blackjack, Poker, Omaha, and Texas Hold’Em gaming player. He specializes in high-stake tournaments and is well-versed in card counting.

3. Matt Damon

Matt Damon is Ben Affleck’s long-time friend and a popular celebrity with unmatched poker experience. He is renowned for his iconic roles in his filming career, with his famous titles being InterstellarThe Bourne Franchise, The Martin, Jason Bourne, and Ford v Ferrari. 

Affleck and Damon co-produced the Runner Runner film, which depicts real-casino events describing a college student who got into casino gaming. Damon got into casinos while filming as an actor for Rounders and Oceans.

In this venture, he developed an interest in poker and enjoyed high-reward tournaments. Matt loves risky casino plays and has earned fortunes from such gambling.

4. Pamela Anderson


If you followed the Baywatch series, Pamela Anderson is a popular actress you should be knowing. The star frequently goes to Las Vegas lobbies and enjoys highly risky poker contests like the World Series of Poker. She is very skilled at this and has participated in various slots.

5. Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly is an artistic thespian and skilled poker player. Her notable achievements in her film career and participation in top poker events, including the coveted World Series of PokerJennifer’s skills have earned her multiple accolades, including a band for the World Series of Poker and a winner’s award in the Ladies Championship in 2005. Some of her casino gaming participations have been aired on TV.

6. Tobey Maguire

You could be familiar with Tobey Maguire following his role in the Spider-Man film. He is one of the celebrities in a luxurious casino playing poker with an eye on high-stakes tournaments. Tobey has bagged several prestigious pots in blackjack and poker. He loves competing against top celebrities, including Matt, Affleck, Jennifer, and Damon. Tobey is also an avid sporting gambler.

7. Drake


Drake is a renowned Canadian rapper with acting skills. He has frequented multiple gaming lobbies in Las Vegas. Drake loves challenging tournaments in poker, slot machines, and blackjack. You can tell that Drake enjoys the casino thrill as he denotes this in one of his song lyrics.

8. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is a popular name in Hollywood cinematography. He is a famous icon synonymous with titles like Ocean’s Eleven, Troy, and Fight Club. Brad loves poker, slots, and blackjack.

9. George Clooney

George Clooney, an acclaimed actor and filmmaker known for his suave demeanor and roles in movies like “Ocean’s Eleven” and “The Descendants,” is no stranger to the casino scene. His role in “Ocean’s Eleven,” a film that revolves around a high-stakes heist in a Las Vegas casino, mirrors his off-screen affinity for the thrill of gambling. Clooney has been spotted at various high-end casinos, engaging in games of blackjack and poker. Beyond his personal interest, Clooney co-owned a Las Vegas casino resort, further cementing his ties to the gaming world.

10. Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth, celebrated for her role in “American Pie,” is not just an actress but also a recognized poker player. Her transition from the silver screen to the poker table has been seamless, showcasing her versatility and strategic thinking. Elizabeth has made a name for herself in the poker community by participating in numerous tournaments, including the prestigious World Series of Poker. Her dedication to the game goes beyond casual play, with her skills and competitive spirit making her a formidable opponent at the table.

11. 50 Cent


Curtis Jackson, known professionally as 50 Cent, is a rapper, actor, and entrepreneur whose ventures extend into the casino world. His affinity for gambling is well-documented, with a penchant for placing large bets on sporting events. 50 Cent’s gambling interests aren’t limited to sports; he’s also known to frequent casinos, engaging in games of chance and skill. His strategic approach to gambling and willingness to take calculated risks reflect the same acumen that has made him successful in the entertainment and business sectors.

Why Do Celebrities Frequently Visit Casinos?

It is an assumption that people in the limelight have made it in life and don’t need to be in casinos. Far from it, many celebrities find casinos thrilling and wouldn’t mind spending a few minutes or hours at established entities. The following aspects make casinos the perfect venue to hang out for popular personalities:

  • Casinos are fun to be in as they enhance entertainment. Think about the adrenaline rush you could draw from the thrill of playing. Casinos are perfect for unwinding and drawing unmatched excitement.
  • Casinos are a great avenue to socialize with other celebrities and create friendships while playing slots, poker, and other casino games. This happens the more as you play with fellow stars.
  • Despite the risk of engaging and competing in high-stakes casino games, the rewards can be millions if you are lucky. Thus, celebrities would go to casinos for a chance to bag huge cash.
  • They desire to learn something new as they hone their skills. Most gamblers specialize in at least two casino titles. Since winning and mastering your way on a preferred game is not always the case, celebrities may be curious to discover what would work if they need to win. That is why one gamer would be skilled in one casino game yet flop at the other.

Though the list is not exhaustive, casinos are also attractive to celebrities. That is why top personalities frequent lobbies for entertainment, fun, socializing, and a chance to bag decent wins.